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Top Design Trends for 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

We’re one quarter down to our year and a lot has happened. But if you’re thinking of redecorating, it’s not too late to start revamping your space. We’ll be sharing some of the trends you’re sure to notice. As always we fully support you doing what YOU like over any hot trend. Just make sure you have fun along the way.

Pink is Still In This year, pink won’t just be for your little girl’s bedroom. If you’re gonna play it well, you can use your muted pink accessories anywhere in your house. Of course, there are a few rules. Stay away from bright Barbie themed pink and stick to blush, muted shades. Oh, and stay away from shiny finishes, too. Matte is the way to go.

Traditional Prints on Modern Spaces Looks like it’s time to bring out your mom’s wallpapers – traditional prints are in again. Traditional patterns on light backgrounds or chintz look perfect with contemporary pieces.

Grey is out, Blue is in. People’s love for grey is slowly being pushed out by blue! Well, it’s a bit expected since classic blue is the color of the year. You can see a lot of blue accents, furniture pieces, and accent walls. Since it’s classy and elegant, the color blue can be easily incorporated into your home.

Hidden Kitchens Over the years, you can see how the kitchen space is being designed. From open floor plans, the kitchen designs are slowly being minimalistic. Concealed kitchens are now getting popular. People want to have more functional space and smart storage. They are also loving the contemporary clean look.

A Space dedicated to Socializing More and more people are using their homes for gatherings and socialisations. Call it a lifestyle swing or maybe all of us are just tired and just want to chill at home. Therefore, people are being inspired to create their own cozy, hotel-like rooms and social spaces. Think bar carts, cocktail chairs, movie rooms, and garden sets. Oh, and don’t you just love those neon indoor signs?

Animal Prints  Animal prints aren’t just for fashion. It turns out that they’re perfect for interior design, too. Don’t overdo it though. Start by adding small animal print accents and accessories. If you love the look and feel, add some printed rugs. Concrete Bathrooms Bathroom designs are so much different this year than last year’s spa-like feel. Expect to have super stylish bathrooms. This year’s concrete designs will focus on your bathroom’s functionality.

What’s your favorite trend so far? Anything else that you can add on our list? Let us know in the comments if there are any trends you are thinking of incorporating into your space? 

If you are ready to get started let’s connect on a complementary discovery call. Always Haute, Always Polished Tishelle

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