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Hermoso Tocador

For those who did not take Spanish in high school. The title simply means "beautiful powder room." Guest have their own designated restroom to use. Not any of the upstairs bathrooms those are our true living quarters. A powder room gives people a sense of how you live without anyone being there. The living room and kitchen may be kept up. However, once a guest has used that half bath believe everyone will have something to say.

The idea at first was to design a space cohesive with the dinning room. Until I thought thought about the children that come over or the friends who want to catch up. Each room was made to be a wow factor. Why should the bathroom be made any different? Traffic flows frequently there; so no reason for the family to have a typical powder room that has the classic new construction amenities installed.

The client was not opposed to natural elements. While other areas of the house were modern and contemporary I figured a neutral palette bathroom would do the trick. my principle reminded me that the rooms need to be able to go off on one another's energy. My design concept just did not fit this particular theme. I tell you there were dried plants in frames and a minimalistic mirror. I just gave a different vibe than the rest of the house.

Once I wrapped my head around the design. Next was executing the board with what I had sourced. Seems easy right? Nope, it took some time to find the necessities for the bathroom for the right price. Projects could be so much easier if everyone had 5 million dollars and no preference, lol. However, That is not how the world works. On top of that peelable wallpaper that looks stylish and not from Pinterest was difficult. Each time I sourced for a wallpaper design I had seen it on Insta or Pinterest already!

Here's the kicker, I had to source for the out of stock items! I am telling you it's like a top issues interior designs suffer with. We need the product but the companies are sold out. Or the items are out of season in which case you may have to wait until next year. Another challenge was the vanity. Picking out something that "felt" like it was meant to be in the clients home. Sometime I base my selections on the feelings I get. If my brain does not go off like a firecracker seeing it... it's not meant to be in their home.

Wanna shop the look? scroll below!


Hey I'm Lataira

I am a junior interior designer gaining the experience needed reach higher in this industry. I have an associates in photography to capture interior shots. I love to travel as I have been El Salvador 3 times next is the Dominican Republic. Maybe get beautiful travel shots of the Punta Cana.


Join us next time for the primary bedroom. You are in for a treat!

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