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Top 7 Online Home Companies

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

These businesses all have something different. The list of brands are who we have used for a multitude of projects. Some have everything you want in your house while others fulfill a specific need.

Pottery Barn $$ - $$$

One of my personal favorite companies to shop from! They have a little bit of everything for everyone. With the budget of a single item being below $100. There are items available for a good price and quality desired. However, there is a limited stock for "affordable" merchandise to purchase. If you have a family or just starting one Pottery Barn has a separate website for children. We have used Pottery Barn Kids for multiple nurseries and children's rooms.

Article $$ - $$$

If you know what you want and with little distractions when shopping Article is the perfect match. Primarily they are stocked with furniture and decor. You will not find anything specifically for children here or pots and pans. Their style is very modern/ mid century which is something H&P is all about! You will find their pricing to be not as pocket friendly compared to Wayfair. However, their customer service is wonderful they work their buyers and acknowledge your loyalty.

Searching for a company online and in store? Urban Outfitters is a plausible choice. Believe it or not they have a ton of items to complete an entire room! They are reasonably priced when shopping for good quality products that will not eat your pockets. The pieces they have are unique and something I would not normally see in other furniture stores. From statued accent tables to moon shaped firewood holders. Their sense of style is highly favored.

Perfect when you are searching for pictured wall art. There is a variety of categories to pick from in case you need a particular piece. Their speciality is wall art. Before adding the art in your cart you get a chance to choose the frame and the size. If you are in need of a photo or painting over 36'' the option is there. No need to specify your measurements in a search bar. Their blogs have a ton of information related to art in stock. Even certain topics related to cultural awareness.

Considering Select Blinds ask a series of questions to make sure the blinds fit your needs the pricing is not too ridiculous. We use SB on multiple projects. Our clients have windows and patio doors of all shapes and sizes. Luckily, the blinds are custom made when shipped to your home.

At Home $ - $$$

Another company that has an online and physical store appearance (Pottery Barn is as well). They are affordable in price and have a great selection of decor pieces. One thing to consider is their limit of big furniture. You will not find beds online or in-store and if you need a dresser the amount available is the length of a single shopping page. For seasonal decor this will be one of the best companies to source from. They have a special area in stores specifically for holidays.

A modern simplistic furniture company. We have used them as well during our projects for all sorts of items. Their collections are stunning and presented elegantly. You can create a sleek sophisticated office from this company. Children items will not be here not decor. The target audience are grown individuals Rover Concept has a niche and I am sure you will understand further once after viewing the site.


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