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Orange Is The New Black

Your living room is the main space viewed by company. It makes a statement of who you are and the time period you are in. Here we have a contemporary/modern styled family space. There are children in this home due to the art work shown in the gallery. From the base of the coffee table, the furniture is of current trends rather than the early 2000's era. The individual is confident based off of the white sofa. Most parents with children do not like light colored sofas in fear of spills and dirt marks. Minimum information was gathered by picking a part the space. That is the power of interior designs.

I Spy

What do you think people would pay most attention to when viewing the living room? I see two eye catchers... the orange pieces and gallery wall. Using orange is a risky choice that a designer must stand behind. Colors that are out of the ordinary of neutrals, blues and settling shades tend to have a black or white reaction. The client loves it or hates it no in between. We were lucky to have someone who chose to trust the designers completely on building their rooms. The burnt orange geared the direction of the theme without overtaking other features being recognized.

Gallery walls can be very precious. Still photos capture the moment of the past no matter the relevancy of the story. To respect the family stock photos are placed. The gallery shows the personality and culture of the family. African art work displayed on big fabric, black and white photos presents the style from decades ago, even the children's work plays a part. Interior design is not about showcasing but telling a story through a collaborated vision.

Principle's Perspective

There were various components that had to be considered when designing this living space. One was something else other than blue. Three rooms already had almost every shade. On a serious note the client requested her home be filled with color. We made sure nothing from the rainbow was left out.

Color, check. now then the space holding enough room for entertaining. The living room was already spacish for a town home. That was not a problem the challenge came in sourcing for durable furniture. we needed it to las t through sleep overs and holiday gatherings.

Third was the functionality. Remember how I said the parent was comfortable with a white couch? They also wanted a room that was sophisticated yet was able to handle any event that took place. Colorful, multifunctional, durable and sophisticated. May I say she worked her magic with this concept. All while still incorporating the families culture.

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Hey I'm Lataira

I am a junior interior designer gaining the experience needed reach higher in this industry. I have an associates in photography to capture interior shots. I love to travel as I have been El Salvador 3 times next is the Dominican Republic. Maybe get beautiful travel shots of the Punta Cana.


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