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Boutique Meets Guest Room Retreat

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Earlier this year we completed a 3 level townhome in Columbia, Maryland. Here we have the checklist of the guest room. It is located on the first level once you walk into the home. Giving guests a space of their own without feeling like intruders to the individuals primarily living there. The project is very dear to me. During the time I was an intern working with H & P when the home was completed. The guest room is the first room I participated in from start to finish.

At first I was thinking of color pallets that would fit for any guest no matter the gender. Shades of blue came to mind due to how versatile it is. The color is not too alarming or dull. First item I had to pick was the wallpaper as it would tie in the furniture and decor. I wanted to achieve a different look we have not used in other projects. Geometric shapes intrigued me. Triangles were the inspiration however; as I sourced I came upon a wallpaper that had arrow-like shapes. It matched the scheme I desired leading to it being incorporated in the room.

Fun fact, a wall art piece moved from being above the bed to being on top of the wine cabinet. It was a custom made abstract piece from Etsy. Luckily, it complimented the dining room. Other decor pieces are the lumbar and snake skin tray. Accents such as these contrast with the amount of white that is on the bigger items. There is not a set color shade actually they all very to highlight different textures. As seen on the bed the silk gold pillow cover pairs well with the wallpaper. The lumbars role is to show case its design to compliment the duvet.

Were there any challenges faced? Yes! Items were out of stock left and right. We had to replace decor that was sourced a bunch of times. Causing delays in finalizing to allow time for the client to approve of what was picked. Overall, the project was pretty easy going something I enjoyed as it was my first official design. Since this project I have designed a patio balcony from start to finished.

Boosting my confidence for even

bigger projects to manage.

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