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Residential Boutique

H&P moves all over the DMV, here we have a 3 leveled townhome in Columbia, MD. As a mother who also host gatherings this client was in need of our concierge services. The achieved look was inspired by boutiques and hotels. We aimed for this family's living space to look like a modern gateway retreat. Their guest are going to have a hard time leaving! 

Each room has it's own personality that compliments other areas on the same floor. From the patterned wallpapers to the bold burnt orange accent chair this home presents unique characteristics that will not be found in traditional homes.




in the City

We had the pleasure to support our clients by giving their condo in the highly sought after city of Bowie, a much needed makeover. This design concept was inspired by neutrals and pops of blue. The homeowners wanted to incorporate their love of the aqua tones with their need for neutrals for their busy day to day life.

While tranquility was a high priority for our clients, we did not sacrifice on creating opportunities for visual interest throughout the home. We enjoyed showing our clients the diversity of the color blue, but also reinforcing that tranquil neutrals don't have to lack depth!

District Boldness

Our Fort Totten clients enjoy all that Washington D.C. has to offer. These two active entrepreneurs had two requests in mind when it came to their design desires: bold colors and hints of glamour. These homeowners thrived off vibrant tones but still wanted sophistication to be at the forefront of their design. We introduced bold jewel tones and eye-catching mixed metals. We layered in riveting artwork and rich textiles.

We truly enjoyed designing spaces to match our clients energy, while still keeping their need for elegance as a foundation.



We provide all of our design clients with 2-Dimensional renderings. These renderings are incredibly helpful when introducing design concepts, color pallets, and sourced products to our clients for review and approval.


For our larger projects, we provide 3-Dimensional renderings to provide amore realistic representation of the design presentation. These 3-Dimensional designs showcase the floor plans, actual scale, and details for our clients to see their design come to life before installation day.

3D Renderings


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