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Why do I need an interior designer? 


We have the necessary skills to design visually appealing spaces that also accommodate your lifestyle's practical needs. Our proficiency in project management enables us to carry out projects swiftly and with minimal setbacks. Our extensive industry experience allows us to make well-informed purchasing decisions that the average homeowner, business owner, or consumer may not have considered.


What areas do you service? 


As a luxury design firm based in the DMV area, we offer virtual services that can be accessed from anywhere, provided you're willing to put in extra effort to achieve your desired results. To determine if your project aligns with our designers, a discovery call will be required. If you're located outside of a 40-mile radius of 20011, a local travel fee will be applied. For projects outside of the state or country, fees will be determined based on the scope of the project.

What is a typical project like?

Our approach to communication varies based on the specific requirements of each project, with a focus on convenience and efficiency. We prioritize using email and phone communication to streamline project plans, product selections, and exchange ideas through Design Files. Additionally, our designers may visit project sites to gain a better understanding of the project scope, which can be highly productive. If desired, we can then present a design concept and discuss the next steps that best suit your needs. We have extensive experience adapting to any project, regardless of its scope. For example, a styling service may not require the same level of attention as a virtual design service.

Click the link to see how it all gets done:


Do you offer courtesy consultations? 


We offer complimentary discovery calls to those interested in learning more about Haute and Polished Designs. Additionally, we offer complimentary consultations to referred individuals through our referral program.


Why is your fee structure three payments?


We value upfront pricing and simplicity for our clients from the very start of our process. Our design fee schedule aligns with the design process, ensuring transparency and clarity at each stage. This approach enables us to execute the design process seamlessly, minimizing costly delays. We also inform our clients of any additional fees that may incur with project additions.


What is the length of the design process and time before installation?


The timeline for the project can fluctuate depending on the scope of the project. Typically, it takes our designers 4 weeks to complete the design plan and presentation, and once you have approved the design, the ordering process can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks due to current supply chain disruptions. It is important to note that the timeline can be influenced by various factors, including product availability and the extent of the work. Our team will keep you informed throughout the project to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on schedule.


Can you design a concept tailored to my style?


Our design firm specializes in contemporary modern design, we are skilled at incorporating our clients specific needs to fulfill their vision. A discovery call is recommended to determine whether our design style is the right fit for your project.


Where do you shop? Can I come with you?


We source our supplies from the leading vendors in the industry, selecting them based on their services and product quality. Depending on the project's scope, a showroom walkthrough may be necessary, and we can arrange for it accordingly. We strive to deliver the best furniture and decor experience by providing 3D renderings, floor plans, and samples to our clients.


Will I get a 3D rendering?

3D rendering is an offer for concierge client projects that is included in the service. Any other services that would like 3D rendering must be requested for an additional fee. 


Other firms mark up merchandise, do you?


We provide our clients with fair market pricing on our products. Instead, we focus on maintaining prices that are within your budget, and do not exceed MSRP or retail pricing. This way, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible value for their investment.


Can I make changes to my design concepts?


During your design presentation, your proposed design concept will serve as a roadmap for our recommendations. You will be required to complete a questionnaire that will provide our designers with information on the themes and styles that we should focus on. Presenting us with examples of your preferred patterns and textures will aid us in the sourcing and selection process. We have accumulated vast experience in designing for over five years, enabling us to present designs that meet our clients' needs. However, we acknowledge that this is a collaborative effort, and we value your input. After submitting the mood boards, you will have the chance to evaluate your designer's choices and request one round of revisions. 


How many revisions do I have?


We strive to bring your vision to life while respecting project timelines. Our policy allows for one revision after initial submissions, with additional revisions incurring a second round fee.


What is needed from me for installation day?


On installation day, it is best for you to plan ahead and inform your neighbors. This allows us to handle the behind-the-scenes work of the project without any interruptions.

Will my project be unveiled to me like they do on HGTV?

At Haute & Polished, we value efficiency and prioritize our clients' design hours and projects. Therefore, we don't believe in unveiling your space as a grand reveal. We don't handle your project like an event planner with a big group of people chanting "Move That board" to reveal your new home. While this may make for great TV shows, it's not a practical approach for real-life projects.

We prefer a more realistic and personalized approach to designing your home and revealing the final product. We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the process, keeping them informed and involved every step of the way. This approach ensures that the final result is a true reflection of our clients' vision and meets their expectations.


 How do I care for my furniture/rugs?    


The care requirements for furniture or other items will be determined based on the client's preferred type of furniture, as per their feedback. At the project's completion, we will supply the manufacturers' care instructions for the furniture. These instructions will enable you to live freely in your home, without having to worry about any mess or stress!


Will I need another consultation for a second project?


Depending on the circumstances, an additional consultation may be required for a fee. Here are the scenarios:


Scenario #1: No, consultation is necessary if you request it during the current design process of one of your spaces.


Scenario #2: If you have participated in a virtual design service, whether you want to have another virtual consultation or switch to concierge service, a second consultation will be necessary.

Scenario #3: If you request a new project within 60 days after installation, no consultation fee will be charged. However, if the request is made beyond that period, a paid consultation will be required.

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