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The H+P Story

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I feel like it’s only right before we jump into all of the fun stuff (and believe me I have SO MUCH I want to share) I should share my story! Well, since my story is ever evolving, I’ll share how Haute & Polished Designs got started. My love for all things design runs incredibly deep. I can get lost for hours in design schemes, architecture, colors and textures. Never been one to splurge on designer shoes or bags, but home decor and home improvements? I’m here for it all!  I honestly can’t pinpoint when I fell in love with interior design. It feels like it’s been apart of who I am for so long, however it took a really long time for me to discover my love for design. I say it jokingly, but deep down, I’m convinced that I was an architect in another life.

I was groomed for medical school and while that path didn’t quite work out, I have a diverse background in healthcare. However, my heart still yearns for designing and transforming spaces that make people feel good, alive and safe. This career “change” has been one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life you far, but it’s that exhilarating roller coaster type of scary. So I’m super excited, nervous, anxious and thrilled to see where this journey takes me. I hope you’ll stick around!

If you are ready to get started let’s connect on a complementary discovery call.

Always Haute, Always Polished Tishelle

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