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Let's Get Cozy

Some more than others are very excited for this upcoming fall. We know each year is fall but that does not mean shy away from being as festive as possible. When we think of autumn pumpkins, holidays, cinnamon and apple scents, etc. all come to mind. Do we ever consider the fabrics that give a nice add on to the seasonal decor? What fabrics are you familiar with or seen? Don't forget the patterns too. Wouldn't you put lemon colored polka dots in a fall design vs leather now would you? The textures and patterns you design with must be considered to coincide with the scheme.

Woven fabric is associated with being a comfortable material. It makes you want to snuggle up and feels warm. It is ideal to be placed in areas of your home that set the tone of winding down. The colors and aura you want to portray are advised to go hand and hand. Not for every design but it is a good rule of thumb when organizing seasonal decor. Woven pieces that are not only good for decor but has a purpose are blankets, baskets, tray and pillows.

Pattern... is not the same on each piece. Even if you the texture is the same like on bolster pillows or the blankets above. There is the herringbone, plain, twill, satin, etc. patterns in reality give character to the fabric. Say you had a F.R.O.G and wanted a "rustic meets modern" theme. Well, do you prefer a detail herringbone or twill detailing? My guess, the herringbone to incorporate versatility to the concept. Rather twill is a bit safe and traditional when you using two forms of styles.

Yes my darlings wallpaper!!! And may I say how lovely the sculpture is complimenting the other features miraculously while not taking away from the master piece behind it. Now then, woven fabric can be used to decor your home for the seasons but let's not be regular. Woven wallpaper is a great accent to your space! Look at this photo clearly the statement piece here is the background. Yet, I see correlating aspects between the decor and wallpaper. The designer thought to show geometric shapes in three different cases (look at the bed). Obviously, the color scheme is filled with neutral tones and a touch of orange/red to flare things up. But see how a bold feature like that does not draw you away from the wallpaper too much to where it becomes the highlight. Consider placing woven wallpaper in your powder room.. it's a game changer.

Another idea for woven fall decor are draperies. They are the best decor pieces whether you have windows or not. Take note try using drapes in your basement wall you will thank me later. Draperies are aesthetically pleasing to see when you walk in a room. They give an extended scope of the walls to visually appearing taller. The type of curtain can create a light and airy atmosphere or blackout panels dimming the lights to that of a theatre. As for texture one method is not standard. Shown in the images above both use woven fabric except the texture and finishings are different. The reason being the tassels and stripes are woven as the curtain itself is cotton in the second photo. As for the first image it's all made of the same woven material. Woven fabric great as the highlight or accent in any space.

Thanks for reading up to this point! Providing tips and ideas for our viewers to better suit their desires is what we encourage. Maybe things need to be taken a step deeper. Our Discovery calls give the opportunity to get a consultation with us. That way you can speak with us before just showing to your home with little information on your essentials.




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