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How to Organize Your Bathroom

Decluttering your bathroom to be more sufficient not only for family but guest too.

#1 Sliding Shelf

We all have things we want to keep out of sight. Medicine cabinets are getting tiresome and cannot hold all the essentials. Placing cleaning products under the sink vanity is not the best. im sure no one favors searching in the back of the space for products. Personally, sliding shelves are nice to use under sinks with cabinets. Not saying that has to be the only route when utilizing them. They help by sliding out to view items easier compared to crouching and reaching.

#2 Laundry Baskets

In the pantry closet of next to your sink vanity would be a great spot to place it. When coming out of the shower or replacing hand towels having a designated place is convenient. No more mixing your clothes and towels to avoid lint but sanitary purposes as well. A basket makes laundry day easier than carrying everything in your hands. The only time you have to worry if towels fall on the floor is if the basket overflows.

#3 Labels

The fun part of organizing a bathroom is labeling. You can be as creative as you want with the font or doodles. Labels can be used as learning tools for little ones to name items around the house. It takes the guessing and searching out of the picture. By knowing exactly what is in the container before hand. How can you not put labels at this point!

#4 Trays

Having items all over the sink is not appealing. It makes your sink seem smaller when skin, hair and body products are jumbled. By placing our clients essentials in trays and other items in storage areas. We show more of the bathroom than the products used. Which is what you want. For the bathroom to be the main focus not your cleaning sponge. Depending on the size of your sink you may be able to fit petite jewelry and perfumes. Sets to hold hand soap on trays are optional and look nice with lotion bottles and tooth brush holders.

#5 Acrylic Bins

For smaller items that can get lost the moment you put them down acrylic bins are perfect. They create more room in drawers for makeup and other products. They are not too bulky so multiple bins can be in one drawer. The sizes of them vary another plus to fit all shapes and sizes of items.

#6 Utilizing Door of Cabinets

Drawers and using the space under sinks are ideas people normally go towards when finding storage in the bathroom. However, there are spaces that can be functional and hidden. Adhesive container holders on the door of a cabinet sink for additional storage is helpful.

#7 Woven bins

In several places woven bins used without looking tacky. When the sink vanity does not have cabinet drawers a nice display of woven bins gives it that touch. The best to style with coastal, neutral or zen schemes. It gives the lavatory some earth tone elements. Lids are available if you want to conceal your items and keep the chic decor.

If you are ready to get started let’s connect on a complementary discovery call.

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