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Charming Your Space

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

When getting dressed does the outfit feel complete by itself; or does adding earrings, a watch, headband, maybe even glasses enhance your style. A similar effect happens when viewing a room with only furniture and no accent pieces. The room seems dull not giving a wow factor to be impressed by. When choosing what pieces to accessorize your home know what you are looking for and your style. That way you are ready to add your personal touches to your home intriguing friends and family on your little embellishments.

Brighten Up Your Walls

Walls with just a solid color can make a room seem unwelcoming. When creating a living space using wall decorations is a great way to figure out the functionality of the room as well. An idea is putting up wallpaper to bring in warmth to windowless areas or smaller rooms.

Other wall decoration ideas:







Want to make a statement without being too bold? An area rug will do the trick. They add appeal to your furnished area while separating the rooms. For places like the sitting area, living room space, dining room, and entryway. Rugs can also add color to neutral themed rooms to bring in diversity.


Lighting as an accessory? Definitely! Lighting can impact the mood senses in the room determining how welcoming it is. Sheers are thin and allow plenty of sunlight in the room but if you want privacy as well I would advise getting sheer solid drapes. Light pendants are elegant to draw in one's eyes while allowing more room.

Smaller Accessories

Do not underestimate the power of a table decor ball set or bins to incorporate character in a room. The smaller accessories introduce an attractive charming presence highlighting your major furniture pieces. A basket can add shape and texture to the counter or display table. On the other hand, flowers, seashells, succulents, or pinecones bring natural components.

Small accents to consider:






Thanks for joining us as we educate on the importance of accenting. Visit our Services tab to see how we can add charm to your space the polished way.




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