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Creating a Sensual and Minimalist Bedroom for a Busy Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

The bedroom is often considered one of the top five rooms in a home, and for our client, it was a sanctuary where she could unwind from her busy lifestyle and tap into her feminine energy. She wanted a sensual and minimalist design that would reflect her personal taste while providing a calming and airy atmosphere.

Video showcasing the bedroom


One of the challenges we faced was the client's height, as the vaulted ceiling above the bed made it difficult to find furniture that would fit the space without overwhelming it. We opted for a low-profile bed to provide the necessary height while maintaining the room's spaciousness.

To add visual interest, we incorporated fun and visually appealing pieces such as lamps and wall art, which the client loved and decided to keep after the photoshoot. We also mixed textures such as suede, microfiber, and leather to achieve the sleek and sophisticated look that the client desired.

The color scheme featured green, beige, and brown, which played well together and provided a refined and harmonious feel. We also added wallpaper to the walls, which created a unique and visually interesting design, with the pattern even continuing into the crown molding.

The mirror was the highlight of the space, adding a touch of elegance and incorporating the blue that was present throughout the rest of the home. The vases and wall art also contributed to the refined atmosphere, making the bedroom a perfect haven for our busy client to relax and unwind.

In conclusion, by carefully selecting the right furniture, textures, and decor, we were able to create a sensual and minimalist bedroom that suited our client's busy lifestyle while providing a calm and serene atmosphere.

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