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What’s the Reality of the Process?

TV shows on HGTV present homes altered in a short amount of time. We are led through snippets of the process taken to make the homes captivating. But do these shows really demonstrate the work that represents the price of the room? In this post we will discuss some key points you should consider before designing your space.

Reality Check #1: Meeting up with your designer then creating a final plan within an hour is pretty far-fetched.

Planning the masterpiece to a room is not a one and done project. There is the shopping and design process to be considered. The designer is taking on the job to work on your home, you must compensate for their time and expertise.

Reality Check #2: The items you see on Pinterest or HGTV may not fit in your home.

There could be furniture desired or a piece that is daring to you. However, the style you envision must be able to fit the room. Which could result in finding a smaller or larger piece to accommodate the measurements and still show your flair.

Reality Check #3: Hiccups along the way can extend the time needed to complete the work.

If the issue is not too drastic then there is a possibility of the work being done in the time frame agreed. This cannot be said for all situations that pop up during the process. Be prepared for delays, approvals needed, random occurrences to prevent eeriness if something comes up.

Reality Check #4: The total price for the designer and furniture is not cheap.

Not saying that a room cannot be designed within a budget but think about what goes into designing a space. The planning, shopping, designing in itself, and hours put into executing the project. Unlike the donated products to TV shows, designers normally have to base all if not most of the furniture on the client's budget. The pieces are not quickly selected and instantly match the plan there are definitely steps taken.

Be sure to research before jumping into the process. Think of your style and the service you want. Do not be nervous to ask questions when you are rejuvenating your home. To avoid any jitters so that you can focus on enjoying the transformation of your space!

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