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Not Your Mama's Wallpaper: The Hottest Wallpapers That Should Be On Your Walls. Now.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

They say if the walls could talk, they will share secrets they’ve collected for years. If that could happen, I’m wondering how it can change people’s lives.. 

For me, the walls can literally speak. They can even scream.  No, not that they’re doing it on purpose. At the end of the day, it’s still YOU who will decide what they’ll say. You’re the one choosing their colors, anyway.  But if you can make your walls talk, wouldn’t you want them to say something awesome?  Oh, I sure do! So, why not take your mom’s old wallpaper and put it where it belongs – in the back of your closet?  Here are some of the HOTTEST and MUST-HAVE Wallpaper designs that should be on your walls. NOW. 

Geometric Patterns

Amidst this year’s chaos, we’re all looking for structure and security. Thus, we developed this need to create orderly systems and control all areas of our lives. The safest is to stick with simplified and structured geometric designs. You’ll see a lot of walls with geometric arrangements this year in monochrome palettes. 


If you’re into mural landscapes, then, you’ll fall in love with this trend. These wallpapers give off that atmospheric vibes that are perfect statements for your wall. 

3D Wallpapers

Be sure to keep your hands to yourself with the rise of this 3D wallpaper trend. Surfaces are going soft and three dimensional. The touch-me texture and seductive effects can make your walls feel cosier. 

Tropical Paradise

Since most of us can’t really go to the beach, we’re stuck with the next best thing – Carribean Wallpaper Paradise. Prepare to see more palm trees because this tropical trend isn’t going anywhere. It focuses less on the pink flamingos and aims more on the authentic, Carribean living. 

Tapestry Design

Carley Bean, the creative director of Cole & Son’s, predicted that the tapestry-inspired wallpapers will be on the rise this year. Since they create a perfect focal point for any room, they can highlight the beautiful colors of the outdoors inside.  Now, with these trends, are you ready to give up your mom’s wallpaper? I sure do!

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Always Haute, Always Polished Tishelle

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