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Is Art Missing in Your Space?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Imagine a room with all the nice furniture pieces perfectly in their assigned place. You can still smell the newness of the freshly painted walls. And all of the decor and finishing pieces bring all pieces together. It may seem complete, but there’s still something else missing. The cherry on top. The icing on the cake. The stunning, moving, thought-provoking ART PIECE.

Oftentimes, art pieces like paintings and sculptures are used to give a room its own character. It’s like wearing a piece of jewelry or putting your red lipstick on. At Haute & Polished Designs many of our design plans actually begin with artwork as inspiration. So artwork can be your inspiration or finishing piece to bring a room together.

No matter how lovely that sounds, there are still some people who are still very hesitant with adding art pieces in their homes. The concept is art can be intimidating for many. Some may believe that incorporating artistic pieces into their homes are out of their financial reach. The artwork is subjective and whatever you find beautiful, intriguing, or inspiring can and should be incorporated into your spaces. Art can be found all around us waiting to be tapped into.

If you’re reading this and not sure if you should go pick a painting at the nearest art gallery or run to an old antique shop, then keep reading. 

We’re giving you some reasons why you need an amazing art piece in your home. 

It displays an insight into your personality.

Art has its way of unleashing your true personality. It gives people a hint to who you are as a person, what your preferences are, and how you see things. 

Art pieces can influence a particular mood 

There are pieces that can exude energy. There are also those pieces that can evoke strong emotions. You can change the feeling of the room, just by introducing certain pieces of artwork.

They can expand your perception. 

Sure, there are a lot of intriguing art pieces and they can definitely pique your interest. However many pieces, tell a story that may invite you to go deeper into your own thoughts and perception. Every time you gaze upon a piece you may find new meaning and understanding. Art appreciation is the gift the keeps on giving!

Art encourages dialogue

Often times artwork serve as conversation pieces among those to enter your spaces. Robust dialogue among those who view it is always a good indicator that your artwork has profound meaning.

They can be a great investment.

Art pieces are meant to be enjoyed, but they can also be a great financial investment. As art can gain immense value over time and be passed along from generation to generation.  We encourage our clients to explore their basements, attics, and storage units for pieces they may have forgotten about. Reframing and lighting can bring an old piece back to life! We also are strong believers in supporting local artists in your neighborhoods or small galleries.

Do you have art pieces at home? Share in the comments below, what you love most about them. Do you have any favorite artists that we should be keeping an eye on?

Do you have an art piece you’ve been wanting to incorporate into your space? If you are ready to get started let’s connect on a complementary discovery call.

Always Haute, Always Polished


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