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How Art can Impact your Home

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Whether it’s paintings, photographs, or sculptures, art should be used to enhance any room of your home. It’s important to consider these important factors when using these beautiful additions.

Here are some tips that you can use when choosing art for your home!

Using Paintings

Consider the space of your room

Be realistic with the piece that you choose. Consider architectural features like the height and width of the wall you are using and even lighting. It’s also important to understand the function of each room. For example, if you purchase a statement piece, consider putting it in the living or dining room as these spaces usually have the most people when guests are over

Consider the color scheme

When choosing a piece for any room in your house, it’s important to consider the colors within the piece. You can go two different ways, choose a piece that has a similar color scheme to the room it is placed in or go the opposite route and choose a piece that has colors that contrast the room it is placed in. Choosing a piece that has similar colors with your room will complement the decor and furnishing, creating a more cohesive look overall. Choosing a piece that contrasts a room can be done tastefully and can even provide a good statement piece in any room.

Consider the lighting

Lighting is a factor that most people forget when designing their home. Whether you’re using a painting, photograph, or even a print, it’s important to consider how lighting can affect these pieces. Generally, you should try to keep painting away from natural lighting as it can cause the paint to fade over time. Consider glazing these paintings or even using UV protective glass in the frames of these pieces.

Using Sculptures

Consider the size and color

People forget that sculptures are used to stand out in any space that it is put in. One way to make a sculpture stand out is the size. Choose a sculpture that breaks up the space of any room and adds depth to the other furnishings and decorations. Another factor to consider is the color. People often choose a sculpture that has similar colors to its background, which makes it go unnoticed. Choose a piece with differing colors or place it near something bright to complement the colors!

Consider the placement

Any sculpture is a statement but the wrong placement can make it go unnoticed. Consider putting smaller sculptures on smaller tables or even shelves. These provide a more complex sense of depth in any space. Larger pieces can be placed at the end of hallways, on top of tables, or any space that provides a 360 view of it. The larger pieces will serve as statement pieces and it’s best to place them where they get the most views.

Consider the lighting

Lighting can be very tricky, but can be very beautiful when done right. If wanted, a sculpture can be placed in front of a window or light to play with the shadows of a room. If this doesn’t interest you, it is important to understand the placement of a sculpture as it can block out any light in a room.

These tips can be used to enhance any of the rooms in your home using art. It’s important to remember your own personal style and aesthetic as you know your own style better than anyone else. Art is to be appreciated and using them in your home can enhance your style!

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