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Dining In Elegance

Since January H & P had been giving viewers the behind the scenes on the Columbia, MD newly built townhome. Eight spaces were created from the first floor to the third. The guest room retreat, powder room, and primary room exclusives are in previous blogs. You can view below the results of the other rooms. Tishelle Ogunfiditimi, Principal of Haute and Polished Designs and here is what she had to say on the experience of designing the dining room.

“ What led you to this particular concept? “

The wallpaper was an inspiration for the space. We were given creative freedom work on the room as we saw fit. When that happens we tend to go all out on our choices. At first the client requested the room be fully wallpapered. But then was advised to cover the mail wall only. Due to how dynamic the design was it would contradict the client’s desire of lighter colors and brightness. Preventing light from bouncing off the white the walls to enhance the dining room.

Opting in performance fabric velvet performance chairs suited for durable kid friendly furniture that remained elegant. Blue we chose to hide accidents that may occur. To take into consideration how harsh some cleaning products are, the chairs are easy to clean and maintain. The marble top table was sought as something heavy and big for hosting gatherings. Enough that it is multi functional for work meetings, playing games or doing homework.

To fill the space a sideboard was placed to showcase family photos the homeowner was not able to display previously. It stored additional storage as well. When looking out the window of the dining room a pond is located in that direction. To bring in some of that natural element into the actual space greenyer was utilized in the form of plants and the eucalyptus as a table centerpiece.

“ Were there any tribulations? ”

The dining room was longer than it is wider. Scuffling around to create a space that is not awkward and could be used to its full potential without cluttering. Ideally, a balance needs to be established. Considering there are children the client wanted the room to appear as a casual formal dining room to maintain it being kid friendly. Finding the right size rug was unvarying as a multitude of iterations popped up to get the perfect size. Rugs are normally wider which would mean part if the dining table set up would be off the rug distorting the space and furniture.

To bring in different colors outside of blue we used a dramatic gold chandelier. A hick up came when the client had someone who claimed to be an electrician come and put in the chandelier. Resulting it being placed in the wrong spot. We advise using an interior designer’s vendor due to us knowing the matter of expertise needed to have the task efficiently and correctly through having a relationship with them. This can avoid more money being taken out of pocket for the project.

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