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Design Trends Saying Goodbye In 2021

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

What has been popular in interior home design never remains popular. If you don’t believe me think about 1970’s shag carpet, 1980’s wallpaper with borders , or the 1990’s blonde wood. When you come across a home with these design elements you say to yourself, “What in the world were they thinking?” As 2021 rolls out, these are some of the interior design ideas that are going by the wayside.

The Open Concept

Much of our communication is done over the internet these days. Whether we are working from home, attending school, or just keeping up with each other, pandemic concerns has caused us do so on our computers via platforms like Zoom, Go To Meeting, and Skype. People have found that their open concept homes are not really conducive to this activity. There you are conducting a business call and a family member crosses the room in the background in their PJs, or a child turns on the TV to watch their favorite cartoon with the volume really loud. You get the idea. Separation in rooms to some degree has become needed, so the open concept design is on its way out.

Barn Doors

Barn doors were all the rage but they were never really functional. First of all, they occupy too much wall space when they are open. You can’t place furniture on the side that they slide open on or place artwork behind them. Then when they are closed, they are terrible at blocking out sound. If your home design is modern or contemporary, they never fit into the design at all.

Separate Media Rooms

Once considered a luxury status feature, having your home electronics isolated in a room of its own is no longer popular. People don’t want to have to head to the basement or a back room to watch movies, listen to music, or play video games. They want their projector or large screen TV to be front and center, not tucked away from the rest of the home.

Wine Cellars

People are tired of having to run down to the cellar to fetch their next bottle of wine, so buyers are no longer impressed by homes having a wine cellar. And who wants to be responsible for dusting all those bottles to begin with? Instead, people prefer to have a wine refrigerator right there in the kitchen or a conveniently located wine bar. A modern wine refrigerator can hold several hundred bottles of wine that are cooled and ready to be consumed.

All White Kitchens

Have you ever spent the day shining and polishing an all white kitchen? And believe me, it can take all day! Color is making a comeback. Color cabinets and patterned flooring are what people are leaning towards. Backsplashes are now done in bold colors, patterns, and shapes.

Accent Walls

The days of having one wall a bright or different color is going away. The same goes for one wall of wallpaper. Instead of using color on a wall, the trend is for rooms to be colored more evenly.

Wood Burning or Gas Fireplaces

People are more “green” conscience these days. And burning wood or gas in your fireplace is not environmentally friendly or convenient. Electric fireplaces are replacing the old standard ones. Most fireplaces are there for the looks and an electric fireplace that can be turned on or off with a switch will fill that need.

Design styles are constantly evolving. It may be time to move on and get away from these design trends of old. Will these trends go away forever? Probably not. But they are for 2021. If you are ready to step into the now, we are ready to help you accomplish your interior design goals.

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