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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Ohh! Summer time! The best time to hang outside and enjoy the great outdoors. For the outgoing adventurers, now’s the perfect time to bask under the sun and explore. But for those of us who just want to enjoy summer at home, creating our perfect outdoor space is an essential.

Regardless if you have a pool, a garden, or an outdoor cooking space, there’s a lot of things you can do to spice up your outdoor area. In fact, you don’t need to spend a lot. With just a little touch of fresh paint or a repurposed furniture, you can make a perfect upgrade.

If you want to give your outdoor space a little makeover to make the most out of this perfect outdoor weather, here are some things that you should consider:

Use a focal point

Create an outdoor theme and highlight a focal point. This will transform a plain space to something interesting and eye catching. Most people think that focal points only work indoors, but they are also perfect outdoors. Once you’ve chosen your focal points, all design aspects can then follow.

Here are some ideas for potential focal points:

  • A huge piece of wall art

  • A small fountain or a pond

  • An outdoor fireplace

  • A striking piece of furniture

Choosing your focal point will dictate the overall look of your space so choose wisely.

Don’t forget to add plenty of comfortable seating options

Give yourself some room to relax. You won’t want to overcrowd the area, but providing your outdoor space with ample seating is a great decision. There are various choices when it comes to seating like benches, chairs, stools, outdoor sofas, couches, and day beds. Mixing and matching these furniture pieces can help make the space look better. It’s even on trend now!

While you’re at it, make sure that you also have matching tables and cushions to make sure everyone’s comfy.

Use weather-proof outdoor furniture

Don’t just fall for aesthetics! Choose weather-prooof and multifunctional outdoor furniture for your outdoor space. Make sure that they’re durable and can last for a long period of time.

Here are some of the most durable materials you should look for when buying an outdoor furniture:

  • Wrought iron

  • Aluminum

  • Plastic

  • Stainless steel

  • Synthetic resin

  • Wood like cedar, teak, eucalyptus, and pine

Don’t forget the lighting

Let there be light! Sure, you’ll spend your time outside during the day, but don’t underestimate the beauty of your outdoor living space in the evenings. You have to make sure that your space is well-lit. Choose a type of lighting that will be perfect for the space and will not create harsh, uninviting, and too bright effects.

Here are some options for your outdoor lighting:

  • Lanterns

  • Strings of fairy lights

  • Outdoor chandeliers

  • LED lightings

  • Electric lights installed in walls or patio roof

  • Candles

  • Tiki torches

  • Solar garden lights

Regardless of which lighting source you choose, make sure you position them carefully. You don’t want your lights glaring into your neighbors’ windows. Safety should also be your priority. Make sure that paths, steps, and walkways are lit well enough for people to see where they’re going.

If you are ready to get started let’s connect on a complementary discovery call.




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