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9 Awesome Ways to Revamp and Organize Your Garage

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Whether you have a spacious house or a nice city apartment, one thing’s for sure - you need to make the most out of your home’s every inch. Keeping your garage useful, neat, orderly, and functional is a great first step. We’re often too focused in our living space that we usually take our garage for granted. Not on my watch! If you know me, I love to help homeowners and residents like you to make their homes beautiful and functional.

Here are some awesome ways to keep it clean and organized.

Revamp and reuse an old filing cabinet

Don’t let your unwanted furniture go to waste. Give them a new purpose! Revamp and reuse your old filing cabinet and turn it to a practical garage storage solution. Repaint it and add some new handles.

Level up your labeling

If you are having a hard time looking for things in your garage, you might want to level up your labeling. Instead of small, hard to read labels, try using chalkboard paint on your shelves and write your labels in big, bold letters using chalk.

Use wall tracks

Store your large items like step ladders and fold-up chairs using wall track rails. You can use metal trails to make it even more durable and sturdy. Want it to be a little stylish? Use wooden peg rails for that rustic and practical touch.

Store balls together

Let’s admit it! Balls are difficult to store because they keep on rolling. If you are a sports fanatic and have tons of balls, then get a bungee cord and create a hanging storage. It’s a popular and effective storage solution to keep your balls in shape.

Use PVC to hold your drills

Get creative and use unusual things to store your stuff. For instance, use your spare PVCs to hold your drills. Just cut the pipe to length, adjust the size, and you can create a nice drill and tools holder.

Plan out your bike storage

Using brackets will help you store your bicycles off the floor. It won’t just keep your bikes dry and clean, you’ll also free up a lot of space that you can use for something else. You can mount them on the wall or use a bike lift.

Protect your car doors

Install and add protection to your garage walls and prevent accidental damage to your car doors. Use a sponge-like material to the wall adjacent to where doors open. It will absorb most of the impact and minimize denting the door or scraping the paint.

Make the most out of your garage door

Got a garage door with an up and over design? Use it to store long items like sport bats and sticks, fishing rods, and long handled gardening tools. Fix some brackets to the back of the door and just slide your equipment through. Adding mesh tote bags can also be handy for sport shoes or tackle boxes to have all equipment in one place.

Use clever shelves and storage spaces

Use sturdy metal shelving that can hold a lot of weight and can withstand the changeable garage temperatures. Aside from the shelves, you should also make the most out of other storage spaces. For instance, adding a pegboard can help you organize small tools.

These are just some ideas on how to organize your garage. While on it, you might want to make your garage easier on the eyes. Grab your paint brush for freshly painted walls or use your favorite wallpaper. You can also use your old appliances and furniture if you have more space in the garage to make it look more homey.

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