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What is Home Staging?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

What is home staging you may be wondering. Well it is the arrangement of a home to be sold by making it appealing to the market to gain a high number of potential buyers. Your goal is to sell the home as quick as possible for the most amount of money. Keep in mind your online audience needs to be charmed too as the residence is being sold. Be sure to get many professional pictures captured to “wow” your audience!

Now you may have heard of other ways to leave your artistic impression on a property. One way is by decorating an interior, think of it as polishing the room a bit. You manage the decorative portion of the room like the pillowcases, curtain panels, wall decor, or rugs. Interior design is where you would get your hands on the structural element of the property. To be considered an interior designer you’d need the education and training to prepare you for this profession. Different from home stagers and decorators, interior designers are required to work with contractors, architects, engineers and many more during the process of building a structure to follow state laws and regulations. They can work with residential properties and commercial facilities by using their skills and education gained to fulfill those projects. 

Hopefully, this article gave you a better understanding of what is home staging. Along with some key points you may want to remember if you are looking to sell a property. Or maybe you are looking for a home stager but want to know what their role is. From decorating to interior design proposals customizing a space can come in different forms. It's up to you to determine how you want your visualization to translate to others.

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