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How to Accessorize with Plants

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Plants are a form of artwork and have become very popular in interior design. Plants are being used in different ways in many homes, but how exactly do you accessorize with plants? Plants come in all types of sizes, colors, and shapes, so here’s a few tips on how you can accessorize with plants in your home.

  1. Creating contrast

    1. If you have a room with muted colors or strong angles and architectural features, plants are the perfect accessory to contrast these elements. They provide organic shapes and pops of color.

  2. Create variety with plants of different sizes

    1. Add variety and a more complex sense of depth in your home by adding plants of varying sizes. Make sure to keep these plants in similar or the same color pots/stands to maintain the consistency with your design.

  3. Be mindful of certain plants in specific areas

    1. Not all plants will be suited for every single room of your house. High humidity plants like ferns or orchids would do well in a bathroom while ZZ and Snake plants work well in low light environments.

  4. Statement plants

    1. Good investment in the future especially if you’re too scared to make an initial statement at first. Get a medium sized plant and take care of it until it grows to be the star of any room.

  5. Maintaining your plants

    1. Make sure to do proper research of the specific plants you buy to know what types of environment they thrive in. Give them a proper amount of sunlight and water. Proper care of your plants will not only improve your home aesthetically, but the air quality of your home as well.

Keeping these tips in mind when you’re decorating with plants can enhance the aesthetic of any home. It’s important to do your research with any plant you plan on using and also maintaining these living accessories. With all these factors in mind, you’re bound to create something beautiful!

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