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6 Ways to Perk Up Your Garden This Summer

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Let’s admit it! Regardless if you have a small space for your plants or a huge and spacious garden, nothing beats the beauty of these blossoming plants and colorful flowers. We get to appreciate them all year around, but summer is always a great season to go outside and get your garden to a different level.

Here at Haute and Polished, we love to make the most out of these beautiful and colorful plants and flowers and we’d love to share some of our tips on how you can perk up your garden this Summer.

Here are some ideas that you’ll absolutely love:

Design Your Garden Entrance

Show off and make a good first impression with a nice garden entrance. Even if you have a small landscape, a sequence of spaces connected by paths and passageways can add a sense of expansiveness and mystery to any space.

Your garden entrance doesn’t have to be big and grand. It can be simple and eye-catching. There are a lot of things you can use like trimmed bushes, vines, weatherworn stone,or gates and iron arches. Find something that will match your garden theme.

Be Creative With Your Lighting

Set a romantic vibe in your garden after dark. Plan out your lighting and hang gracious outdoor lanterns from the boughs of trees. You can also use streetlight style lamps to highlight roundabouts and patios.

Lighting your pathway is not just beautiful, but also promotes safety. And those fairy lights can highlight the beauty of your garden at night.

Show Off Your Plant Collections

A garden isn’t a garden without plants. So if you’ve got a plant collection, show them off creatively. Use your plants as decorations and arrange them however you want to - by color, by height, by class, etc.

You don’t have to display them all in pots. They can be on a vintage pine table, old wheel, painted chest of drawers, or plant them in beds. The key is to use unusual shapes for a dramatic look.

Play with Your Other Senses

Given that your garden will be visually pleasing, you can also try to incorporate your other senses. For instance, entice everyone with a garden scent. Naturally, you can enjoy the scent of freshly cut grass or some flowers, but you can also use plant perfumes to demand attention.

Using a fountain can also play up the sound. Just by hearing the trickle of water, you can lure your guests to explore your garden.

Decorate with Ceramics

Add accent colors to your garden with ceramics. Find pieces with different amazing patterns and use them creatively. Put plants in them. Hang them and use them as wall accents.

Add a Story to your Garden

Don’t let your garden just be a garden. No matter what theme you want to go to, add pieces that will add a beautiful story. For instance, adding a birdbath with a fish at its center can give that dramatic vibe. An Old World fountain, rusty lanterns, plant baskets, and concrete horse heads can add oomph to your plain garden.

What’s your favorite?

If you are ready to get started let’s connect on a complementary discovery call.

Always Haute, Always Polished Tishelle

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